bahay ni san jose

About Us

Bahay ni San Jose – “A Home for God’s Special Children” is a non-government institution located at Brgy. San Jose, Tarlac City, Philippines that has officially started its operation last November 22, 2009. God’s loving concern for the poor and suffering children inspired the Dominican Sisters of St. Joseph to extend their apostolate in Tarlac City.

Bahay ni San Jose is the first and only Catholic institution yet involved in the care of special children with multi-disability. Although run by the Dominican Sisters of St. Joseph, it is a participatory apostolate where a converging cooperation among the religious, government and non-government organizations and lay people.  Thus, everyone is very much welcome to take part in this noble mission.

                      In our 25 years of working with the orphaned, abandoned or disabled infants, there have been several instances when these are brought to our doorstep. They need special care and accommodation that would suit their unique needs.

                       This has prompted us to make a decisive action to build a special mission house suited to their unique character. The first steps have been made. A kind and compassionate lady, Mrs. Socorro C. Ilagan and her family donated the land where will rise our future and permanent Home. Through the generosity of some friends and benefactors, a single-storey building is now built. The building consists of a temporary prayer room, a room for the children, a kitchen, a dining room and a reception area.

                At present, we are taking care of five (5) children with special needs - mental retardation, blindness, autism with physical disabilities, speech impairment, cerebral palsy and learning difficulties. Sadly, these 
are cases of neglected, orphaned and abandoned children by their families and relatives.

                      Several things have to be made still in order to fulfill our mission for the children who are now with us and those for sure who will come in the future.