bahay ni san jose

A Home of Love and Hope for those who have nothing in Life

     God created everything in this world with a purpose. No man is born an accident or without worth. The gifted, the not so gifted; the normal, the disabled, all have a beautiful mission to accomplish in life.

     Consider the child who is totally disabled - head like a rag doll unable to stand, his face without any expression. No sound comes from his mouth, he cannot move by himself. He drools and has to be turned every now and then to avoid painful sores. To many, he is a "vegetable".

     But we keep them company, we hold them, or smile at them and it doesn't matter if we get a response or not. We become transformed in an instant by emotions so true and noble drawn by a power from the children unaware of anything in this world. Then and there, we are taught to love in a manner so pure that it brings humility and peace to us. The love evokes by these children teaches us and even transforms us to love without condition and gives us a taste of divine love on earth.

     Such is the mission of CEDRIC, MAY-MAY, DOMINIC, and GEMALYN,  the first children of Bahay ni San Jose in Tarlac. No doubt their mission is of great value and importance as we celebrate the worth and dignity of every human being. 

       You are invited to be part of their mission. Such is the reason for Bahay Ni San Jose in Tarlac City.

Our Vision

That all children will experience love, respect, dignity, and worth proper to them as God's special children.

Our Mission

To provide high quality, personalized, comprehensive and appropriate services that will care, educate, and ensure 
dignity and empowerment to all children.

Our Core Values

God - centeredness
Community participation
Human worth and Dignity